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About the World Education database

The World Education Database is a resource produced by the Kindersite Project Ltd*. . It is designed to enable institutions in education to disseminate ideas, projects, donations, research and requests to their peers.

The actual lists of schools and authorities are available for use by educators that satisfy the sites management as too the authenticity of the desired usage. We do not allow usage for purely commercial gain by business (see below)

Examples of allowed usage are projects or activities funded or supported by:

  • The European Union
  • National Ministries of Education
  • Local education authorities (LEAs, States, Provinces, Landers etc.)
  • School Boards
  • All levels of schools, including Special schools
  • Education Associations
  • Education Research institutions
  • Universities, colleges and polytechnics
  • Registered charities and foundations

Users will be:

  • Further education academics or researchers
  • Teachers, principles, specialists in schools
  • Education associations
  • Government and local education authorities
  • Partners in educational projects
  • Registered charities and foundations

Due to the wide variety of possible usages we will make decisions based on each individual request. The decision of the Kindersite Project will be final and will always be based on ensuring that educators are protected from improper or purely commercial messages.

If you are interested in using the database please write to with the following information (please see our privacy terms):

  1. Your name and contact details
  2. The name of your institution and a website address of the institution or controlling authority
  3. A short description of the proposed usage (we may need to ask you further questions about the proposed usage)
  4. The target group i.e. which group you want to make an announcement to - education level, geographic area

We will answer your request with the total number of contacts available and a fee for usage.

Companies -if a company or business is offering a free service or product to education, possibly through an associated registered charitable body, then they will be considered. The offer cannot take the form of a few free books but has to be a substantial donation to education within a region or state. The decision of the Kindersite Project will be final and cannot be challenged in any jurisdiction.

*PLEASE NOTE. Kindersite registrations are NOT shared with the World Education Database.


Educational Foundation of Europe

The document Educational Foundation of Europe can be downloaded here in Pdf Format Click

If you are an educator please support this initiative by adding your name to the list of supporters.

  • Name
  • Profession
  • Institution
  • City/Country

If you have other inquiries or want to comment, please write to (Subject : Educational Foundation of Europe) thank you.

About Kindersite Services

The Kindersite personel have developed a centre of excellence in using the Internet to disseminate educational projects. The experience dates back to 1996 when the founders were first involved in testing and implementing communication and dissemination strategies over the Internet.

On launching the Kindersite Project in early 2004 these strategies were implemented and within a very short space of time have managed to place the Kindersite as a leading resource in it's field. The Kindersite is currently used by over 6,900 schools in 123 countries as a free resource for:

  • The introduction of technology to young children
  • The introduction of English to students

The Kindersite team are now being utilized as partners or consultants to some of the leading projects in education, globally. We offer a 5 point service:

a. Strategic advisor
b. Project and product definition
c. Communications (Internet, Websites and Documentation)
d. Internet dissemination
e. Website placement

Within Internet dissemination we operate through 4 channels:

  1. Linking
  2. Sending newsletters
  3. Internet newsgroups
  4. Press Releases
Kindersite Projects

The Kindersite team's projects include:

Currently we are involved in preparations for a further 12 projects as consultants and partners for communications and dissemination.


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